Wednesday, 28 March 2012

2012 Update March

Okay it's been two years since I posted on here.
I'm currently doing some movie stuff over on Coffee and Casseroles.   and have a new-ish vampire blog in the same vein as this one called  The Talamasca Files

-Ardeth Blood

Friday, 12 March 2010

Act 2 Scene 1

I found this on youtube, and thought I would post it on my main blog, so posting it here too.
It's the bathroom scene from Blood and Donuts when Earl figures it all out.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Live Evil -2009

Plot: The world has gotten so polluted that the vampires are starved. Different breeds of vampires have not only started to turn on each other, they have sectioned off whole cities of the few fresh blood left and employ a blood pusher. One man knows about them and has made his life's work destroying them. At the death site of each vampire he's destroyed he's left his calling card, literally. Now he's tracked a small group of vampires to the heart of L.A. and this time it's personal.

Let me just say right off Tim Thomerson!
How can you go wrong with Tim Thomerson as your lead, well you just can't. The idea of this film is solid, and the fact they brought in a few different types of vampires made for an interesting dynamic with the level of emotion for each breed.
There are times when you are rooting for Benedict (like when he and his group are arrested by the other vamps or when he sees the goth girl poison the human) and times you are rooting for Priest.
This film made me think very fondly of Thomerson's other vampire films Trancers series (yes the debate over if Trancers are zombies or vampires will continue) and Near Dark.
This movie also reminded me very much of a book I read back nearly 20 years ago called Vampire Winter (radiation after the 3rd world war has poisoned humans making them mostly unsafe for vampires to feed from)

Keep your coffins crossed that there might be a sequel in the works.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Vampire Diary -Movie review

Plot: Holly is a documentary film maker, working on her latest project the Weekend Vampires of the London clubs. While taping a group of goths in a club one night, she discovers that someone is following and video taping her. Vicki follows Holly home and seduces her, before long the Weekend Vampires are turning up dead and Vicki is the main suspect. Not only does she claim to be a real vampire she's also pregnant.

The style of this 2007 British movie is very much like an episode of Urban Gothic, in fact Keith Lee Castle (who has a very brief role in this film as a goth dj )did an episode of the British horror show with the same loose plot line. The documentary of a real vampire.
There were more then a few traces of Immortality Wisdom of Crocodiles (must find a human to love them completely) and Vampire Clan (the 2002 movie based on real life criminal Rod Farrell) as well as Carmilla, making it feel over used and old.

I was disappointed by this film. Had it been a straight up telling of Carmilla it might been easier to digest.
You are however left wondering how much of what Vicki tells Holly is true and how much of it is for the sake of the documentary she's suppose to be making. There are a few plot holes that never get sorted out (like how come she has all her teeth if she was born with fangs and had them forcefully removed? ) as it switches gears from a thriller to a drama.

Monday, 8 February 2010

I'm The Vampire That's Why -by Michele Bardsley

Book #1 in the Broken Heart Oklahoma series.

Plot: Jessica is a single mom, widowed after her husband was killed in a car accident. As she is taking out the trash she's attacked by a creature and killed.
Only, Jessica doesn't die, she gets turned into a vampire. Not only is she now dealing with being one of 11 towns people who were turned that night, she has to deal with being the soul mate of one of the oldest vampires ever. Imagine, finding out you are a vampire, the soul mate of a Irish vampire prince and still having to make the weekly PTA meetings at your children's school.

I stumbled on this book one afternoon while at the mall. I had never heard of it before, but it was on a big book sale bin at christmas time. So glad I picked it up. I was looking for something "easy" to read this weekend and spotting it on my "To Read" pile picked it up. I could not put it down. I devoured this novel in just over a day. It's anything but "easy".
You are tossed back and forth slightly between the images of a modern mother and a 1950's mom. Jessica is a very realistic character who could very easily be telling you her story over coffee as to being a fictional vampire. The Irish folklore is weaved in; to perfection as you go deeper into the lives of the now vampire clan that the lead character has been thrust into.

It was a laugh out loud book, with moments that had me repeating the lines to myself as I made coffee on the rare moments I put the book down. And bonus for us fans out there of The Prince Bride (it's referenced and quoted more then once) and Remington Steele (all the males in the O'Halloran clan look like Pierce Brosnan)

The writing is witty, smart, fun and erotic. I went looking online to find there are 5 more in the series which I need to get as soon as possible.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Best of the Draculas

You might remember my Best of series from 2007, (Best of the Bugeaters, Best of the Sequels, Best of the Hunters) Well, it's time for a Best of Dracula.

You would have thought this one would have been the easiest. Um no. Even though there have been hundreds of actors to play Dracula over the decades, there is less then a handful that people actually respond to.

The top four are also the most famous.

Gary Oldman

Bela Lugosi

Frank Langella

Sir Christopher Lee

What was it about each actor that made his portrayal of the count stand out in our minds?

Is it the balance they seem to bring to the character, half animalistic half man? Or is it the fact they all played him slightly damaged?
Each actor gave Dracula their own spin, some focused on the fact he was partially based on the real Prince of Wallachia, while some focused on the fact he was not human at all.

Each of the four actors who have made Dracula a household name did so at different points in the last 70 years. Each being the defining draconic icon for their generation.

Lugosi and Langella each made him irresistible.
Lee and Oldman each made him brutal.

4 different actors, 4 very different decades, 4 larger then life versions of the same man.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Tamara Review

Plot: Tamara is the school's reject. No one understands her and it only gets worse when the rest of the class find out she's got a crush on their teacher. A party is planned and she's the entertainment. After a fight breaks out, Tamara ends up dead. Her class mates bury her in the woods, only she didn't stay dead. The rumours that she was a witch are true, and now she's got the power to get even.

This was a 2005 Canadian film like all classic horror seems to be. It blurs the lines between reality and fiction by it's use of witchcraft as a serious note in the beginning only to become the typical hollywood version of witchcraft mid way.
This is one of those films where you are not sure who to route for the dead girl or the class mates.
The genius part of this is that they never leave the "she's a witch" plot after she returns from the dead, so it never has to make up it's mind if she's really a vampire, zombie or ghost.
The effects were good, used in a way that makes you forget they are sfx, and the pace of the film is steady. We jump in with a main plot point in the form of a dream scene that foreshadows the rest of the film.

I would love to see a sequel to this one happen, and if there is one let me know.

I class this as a non-traditional-traditional vampire film. Non-traditional because she does not drink their blood but does take their memories when she manipulates them, that falls under psy-vamps. Traditional because she returns from the dead and manipulates them.