Thursday, 31 May 2007

Roger Corman's Vampires -Triple Bill

The story is about a painter who is hired by the son of Count Dracula to restore some artwork. As the story progresses, we find out that the woman is the reincarnated lover of the now vampire, and she had been burned at the stake. This soon turns into a very strange love story once another vampire enters her life. Both men were monks over five centuries ago, and both fell inlove with her then. This film has some strange linkings to the myth of Dracula, but gives some of the best quotes "Hunger makes beasts of men, and demons of beasts". Let's not forget the fact this is a Roger Corman film. Sex, blood all wrapped up in a good amount of corny-campy-cheese.
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The comic book character comes to life in this film.
The idea for this is simple Vampirella wants revenge on the vampire who killed her dad. She travels through space chasing the killer vampire who has broken the laws of their planet. Surviving on a blood substitute she finds herself in Las Vegas where not only has Vlad become a god, he is also a rockstar doing late night lounge acts.

To Sleep with a Vampire
Here we find a stripper who wants to die, and a vampire who needs to feed.
The drifter vampire only kills those who want to die. He starves himself until he finds a soul who is about to end their life. The two start off as a natural pairing, the stripper thinking he is just a lonely guy looking for a date. But as the night heads towards dawn, and more is reviled by both, we soon learn there is more here then thought. A powerful story that makes you realize things aren't always as they first appear. A very strange love story that plays nicely into the new vampire ideal created by Anne Rice's world. This is also a remake of an older vampire film called Dance of the Damned.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

My Top Ten Alltime Favourite Vampires

Dandridge (Fright Night)
Radu (Full Moon Direct's Main Vampire)
Spike (Buffy/Angel)
David (Lost Boys)
Nick Knight
Mona the Vampire (cartoon)

There is no doubt that Lestat and Dracula top almost everyone's vampire list. But what about lesser known vampiric icons? How does your favourite stack up? Leave me a comment and let me know who you are into.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

She Lives By Night

I did this one for Yahoo....
More proof that a good movie is all in the script and not the large company. In the same vein as Innocent Blood and Habit, here we have what is basicly a love story bewteen two creatures that just cant seem to get their stuff sorted out. Low on violence, but high on emotions this movie may not have as much bite as other vamp flicks but it does have heart. In the wrong hands this movie could have been a disaster of a soap opera, but it pulled through with a dream sequence that leaves you cheering for the villian. This is a four fang rating from me

On there they already had the story line but I will add it here: Anglia is out on the highway when she gets hit by a car. The man takes her home to look after her when she won't go to a hospital. As she grows stronger everyone around them dies. With her memory back she remembers who and what she really is.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Vampires Anonymous

Micheal Madson stars in this as a member of VA- Vampires Anonymous. He is put in charge of Vic, played by Paul Popowich (known for Canadian television such as Catwalk and Twice in a Lifetime) who after draining his girlfriend decides it's time to go on the wagon. The film then casts us into a small town known for it's sheep, the blood Vic must now learn to live on. Trying to balance a day job, romance, and keep his true nature a secret from the Slayer who has been brought in to kill him is alittle more then he can handle.
A low budget comedy with a fresh take on the vampire story.
If nothing else, check this out just to see Micheal Madson making vamp faces in the mirror.

Best of the Bugeaters

In most versions of the story, Dracula has a servant. A mad man who follows him around wide-eyed and grinning. Someone who can move about in the day when he needs to hide. Someone who once had a strong mind, and little real self esteem. Or so the character has been portrayed at times.
Not all of the stories follow that this character is a must, but the character of Renfield has earned itself a place in horror fame enough to even have an illness named after it. (Zoophagus or Zoophagia) The Renfield Syndrome : the act of eating smaller creatures like bugs, spiders, cats etc.
In the past 100 years, there have been four actors to play Renfield with such wit, structure and loneliness which is what gives them true horror.
Dracula Dead and Loving It : Peter MacNicol
Bram Stoker's Dracula : Tom Waits
Love at First Bite: Arte Johnson
Dracula 1931: Dwight Frye

Dwight Frye is by far the ultimate Renfield, hell he was the one who really gave the character a voice (hehehehehehehehehehehe) with his eerie laugh and mad ramblings, the first one to define the look of wide eyed innocence turned to fear, and the first one to be seen by millions.
Both Arte Johnson and Peter MacNicol did pretty much a parody of the Frye version, but in 1992 Tom Waits took a different stand on the character making him alittle more sane and stable.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Well it's News to Me (part 1)

Everyone's favourite cartoon vampire is out on dvd. But don't feel you have to run out and buy them, it is still being aired in Canada and the UK so check your local listings.

Also Blade the Series is now out on dvd.

And It was posted recently that there will be a SUBSPECIES 5! Yes, FullMoon has decided to bring back Radu once more to the delight of fans everywhere.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Dracula 2007 (BBC)

This film aired in Canada a few months ago, and as I have said on Yahoo Movies....I didn't like it.
Right off I will give the screenplay credit for being a "new" take on one of the greatest classics but other then that, it's just lifeless. In this version we have Holmwood and Lucy marry, but because of an illness Holmwood joins up with a cult of "demon" worshipers. They bring the Count to England to help "cure" him of this death. And of course Dracula just can't be caged. Van Helsing is nothing more then a dribbling old man in this one, there to fill in some gaps of story. I have to say it once more, Hammer Films did it much better with Taste the Blood of Dracula. If you want to see this version, check for a late night replay but don't spend money at the video store on it. 2 out of 5 fangs from me.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Stay Alive

I have to admit, I stayed away from this one for months. I am not a video game person, and given that this one is centered around a game I did not think it would be any good. But my sister highly recommended it so I gave it a shot. Now, Let me say something else before I get into this one...there are two (at lest that I am aware of ) versions of this film. The one from the cinema and the one on DVD. The Director's Cut has added characters which changes the storyline. My sister went to see it in the cinema, I rented it on dvd.
As I watched this one I found myself not only finding it a fresh take on the "teen horror genre" (it's main cast are in their 20s/30s) but comparing it to Videodrome . Stay Alive is based on a loose telling of Elizabeth Bathory the Blood Countess. We find our cast playing a video game that is still only a prototype and one by one each dies the mirrored way their game player did. This film not only has brought the vampire into the 21st century where it should be But has also proven that the medium is the vampire. (game=vampire) A real reflection of how some people in this time have become zombies to their own addictions (the characters in this film spend days playing the game) much like Videodrome did over 20 years ago (then it was cable tv as the vampiric medium) Leaving you asking "Was that real? Did we really see that or just think we did?" I give this one 5 out of 5 fangs

Monday, 7 May 2007

Old Reviews I did (part 3)

Friday, March 17, 2006

to die for

Not much is changed on the remastered 2005 dvd other then the title BRAM STOKERS DRACULA THE LOVE STORY TO DIE FOR which in 1987 was simply called To Die For. The story itself is a loose retelling of the orginal Dracula, combining the novel with the legend of Vlad Tempes. (the need for a new title is to keep it from being confused with the Kidman film of the same name, but does nothing to help stop it from being confused with the Oldman Dracula.) We follow Vlad in modern LA in the 1980s as he is trying to find a house and falls in love with the reincarnation of his former lover. The focus is more on the character Martin who is the hunter in this case. This film was good enough to have a sequel titled TOO DIE FOUR TWO SON OF DARKNESS which was released in 1991. Not a horror film as much as a dark drama the story has enough power to keep you watching but if you are looking for anything extra on this dvd you wont find it here.

Old Reviews I did (part2)

Sunday, November 06, 2005
Ghoul next door

At the height of doing commericals for a weight loss group, Lynn Redgrave put out this film entitled MIDNIGHT about a tv horror hostess who is about to loose everything. Think a darkerside of Elvira Mistress of the Dark (both released at the same time) with more drugs, sex and rock n roll and you have a dramatic version of the LA horror sceen in the late 1980's. Add aged sexsymbol Tony Curtis as the evil tv producer Mr. B. and you cant help but feel sorry for the leading lady. To qoute from the film "shes just the ghoul next door." this film got a 4 and 1/2 out of 5 fangs rating from me.

Old Reviews I did (part1)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

all my ducks in a row

I am really starting to hate this. It seems everytime that I start one of these things they are around for a day then they poof off into the nothingness that is the web. I resently bought the 3rd dvd in the wes craven presents Dracula 2000 series, Dracula Legacy.And it was much better then the second. The locations were beautiful, the writing was okay and the fact that they have replaced the lead actor who plays Dracula in each movie was confusing at first. But it does get explaned in this one. This gets 3 out of 5 fangs from me.


Okay, so here it is. The rebirth of Alucard's Rose Blog. I know, I had it for almost 2 years, then transfered everything to our company's blog Smoking Mugwort at And here I am, after missing this one's title little more then 6 months later remaking it. But this will have a twist, before it was a review blog of books and movies, since I am doing that elsewhere, this will be dedicated more to vampires and their goopy till then Creeping Screams!