Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Dracula 2007 (BBC)

This film aired in Canada a few months ago, and as I have said on Yahoo Movies....I didn't like it.
Right off I will give the screenplay credit for being a "new" take on one of the greatest classics but other then that, it's just lifeless. In this version we have Holmwood and Lucy marry, but because of an illness Holmwood joins up with a cult of "demon" worshipers. They bring the Count to England to help "cure" him of this death. And of course Dracula just can't be caged. Van Helsing is nothing more then a dribbling old man in this one, there to fill in some gaps of story. I have to say it once more, Hammer Films did it much better with Taste the Blood of Dracula. If you want to see this version, check for a late night replay but don't spend money at the video store on it. 2 out of 5 fangs from me.

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