Thursday, 31 May 2007

Roger Corman's Vampires -Triple Bill

The story is about a painter who is hired by the son of Count Dracula to restore some artwork. As the story progresses, we find out that the woman is the reincarnated lover of the now vampire, and she had been burned at the stake. This soon turns into a very strange love story once another vampire enters her life. Both men were monks over five centuries ago, and both fell inlove with her then. This film has some strange linkings to the myth of Dracula, but gives some of the best quotes "Hunger makes beasts of men, and demons of beasts". Let's not forget the fact this is a Roger Corman film. Sex, blood all wrapped up in a good amount of corny-campy-cheese.
(This was one I did for yahoo)

The comic book character comes to life in this film.
The idea for this is simple Vampirella wants revenge on the vampire who killed her dad. She travels through space chasing the killer vampire who has broken the laws of their planet. Surviving on a blood substitute she finds herself in Las Vegas where not only has Vlad become a god, he is also a rockstar doing late night lounge acts.

To Sleep with a Vampire
Here we find a stripper who wants to die, and a vampire who needs to feed.
The drifter vampire only kills those who want to die. He starves himself until he finds a soul who is about to end their life. The two start off as a natural pairing, the stripper thinking he is just a lonely guy looking for a date. But as the night heads towards dawn, and more is reviled by both, we soon learn there is more here then thought. A powerful story that makes you realize things aren't always as they first appear. A very strange love story that plays nicely into the new vampire ideal created by Anne Rice's world. This is also a remake of an older vampire film called Dance of the Damned.

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