Tuesday, 22 May 2007

She Lives By Night

I did this one for Yahoo....
More proof that a good movie is all in the script and not the large company. In the same vein as Innocent Blood and Habit, here we have what is basicly a love story bewteen two creatures that just cant seem to get their stuff sorted out. Low on violence, but high on emotions this movie may not have as much bite as other vamp flicks but it does have heart. In the wrong hands this movie could have been a disaster of a soap opera, but it pulled through with a dream sequence that leaves you cheering for the villian. This is a four fang rating from me

On there they already had the story line but I will add it here: Anglia is out on the highway when she gets hit by a car. The man takes her home to look after her when she won't go to a hospital. As she grows stronger everyone around them dies. With her memory back she remembers who and what she really is.

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