Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Stay Alive

I have to admit, I stayed away from this one for months. I am not a video game person, and given that this one is centered around a game I did not think it would be any good. But my sister highly recommended it so I gave it a shot. Now, Let me say something else before I get into this one...there are two (at lest that I am aware of ) versions of this film. The one from the cinema and the one on DVD. The Director's Cut has added characters which changes the storyline. My sister went to see it in the cinema, I rented it on dvd.
As I watched this one I found myself not only finding it a fresh take on the "teen horror genre" (it's main cast are in their 20s/30s) but comparing it to Videodrome . Stay Alive is based on a loose telling of Elizabeth Bathory the Blood Countess. We find our cast playing a video game that is still only a prototype and one by one each dies the mirrored way their game player did. This film not only has brought the vampire into the 21st century where it should be But has also proven that the medium is the vampire. (game=vampire) A real reflection of how some people in this time have become zombies to their own addictions (the characters in this film spend days playing the game) much like Videodrome did over 20 years ago (then it was cable tv as the vampiric medium) Leaving you asking "Was that real? Did we really see that or just think we did?" I give this one 5 out of 5 fangs

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