Saturday, 16 June 2007

Blood and Chocolate

Yes I know, it's not a vampire story but a werewolf story.
But, I have a few reasons for talking about this film. Let me start by saying, No I have not read the book it is based on my views on Blood and Chocolate is the dvd only. Reason #1-It was just released on DVD
Reason #2-The people who work at my Blockbuster
Reason #3-The connection to vampires in the media and myth

Okay now the review: We have a girl who's family is hunted down and slaughtered because they are werewolves. She is the only one to survive. Moving half way around the world to live with her aunt and cousin, she melts into the pack. We are then thrown ten years into her life. The Pack leader picks a new "wife" every 7 years, and he has his eye on her. She wants nothing to do with him mostly because he is her "uncle" by marriage. In walks a cute American artist who is doing a story on the Loup Garoux. A mythical creature that could shape shift and had been worshiped hundreds of years before. The young lovers are hunted by the rest of the pack, mostly because of fear the boy will tell the world about them and they would be hunted once more.
I have mixed feelings about this film. It's got the typical "Romeo and Juliet" thing going for it, making it a love story, it has shape shifters making it a horror story, it has fighting making it an action story. But, it just seemed to lack something. I just don't know what. I was watching this and thinking, "and then what?" which could only mean one thing....they are already planning a second film.
Okay, so there was reason #1, now I will give you reason #2 and #3. I wish that Blockbuster or any rental store for that matter, would have the same core rule as Chapters Books does, which is that 'all staff members must learn about other genres other then their favourite to better serve their customers'. My sister, her first day on the job was handed a reading list and told to 'bone up on her knowledge of authors, genres and books just in case'. Too bad movie stores don't require the same thing. When I was checking out with this film the other day, the girl at the counter started to make comments about this film. When I asked what she thought of the story, she admitted she hadn't even seen it, that she was giving the 'rental speech'.
Right! She did mention a loogaroo which sent my mind right back to yeap....vampires. I know I have seen the term loogaroo before in my studies of vampire mythology. So cracking open my books I did come across the term. It is vampire in Haiti folklore. They would remove their skins and become balls of light, draining the life of sleeping victims. It is also a corruption of the term loup garou which is the French term for shapeshifter, or werewolf.
The removing of skins to become pure energy is where the idea of shifting falls into play.

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