Sunday, 10 June 2007

Some Underlooked Canadian Vamps

Four of my favourite vampire films are Canadian Made.

Blood and Donuts: Boya is a vampire who's life fell apart in the late 1960's so he went into a deep sleep. Woken up in the late 1990's by a golf ball, he starts hunting around Toronto and comes across an old lover, a taxi driver, the Mob and a donut shop worker. This strange modern day tale of friendship, trust and addiction is light when it needs to be, dark when it needs to be, and a Cronenberg classic.

Karmina and K2-Les Zombies: Karmina is a vampire who's family wish to marry her off to Vlad. In the first film, she flees her home of Romania to her freedom in Montreal. Here she hides out at her aunt's place finding there is a better way to be a vampire in the modern day. Karmina falls in love after drinking a potion to make her human, while trying to stay one step ahead of Vlad as he goes looking for her.
In the sequel, We follow Vlad as he is being chased around Montreal by news reporters, the Mob and one angry woman who wants revenge on him for making her husband a vampire. The first film is a love story, the second a buddy movie. Both are filled with laughs.

Central Park Drifter (Graveyared Shift) : Here is a story about Stephen Tsepes, a cab driver who feeds only on women who are about to die. After 300 years, he falls in love with a television producer and saves her from her illness. But they are hunted down by his past lovers, and her husband. This film was good enough for a sequel called "Understudy Graveyard Shift 2".

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