Monday, 23 July 2007

Perfect Creature

Perfect Creature.
Not so much.
This was just released here and from what I am told is a remake of a 1960's film. I have no proof of that, what I do know is I did not much care for it.
I did like the fact it was set timelessly. Half the visuals were very modern half were very 1940ish. This film is set in a world where vampire males are born and raised to be the protectors of the world. They are taken in by the church and raised as priests. While their Brotherhood is mostly doing good, one lone vampire has other plans and starts to feed on humans. When doing so, he unleashes a virus that has plague like quickness that kills his victims and shuts down whole cities. What is his goal? To find one female strong enough to breed a female child. It seems only males are born with this vampiric gene. At the same time an extreme flu has broken out almost worldwide bringing the population to it's knees. One female cop hot on the trail of the rogue vampire is the key, she is also inlove with the Brotherhood's next chosen leader.
I am not sure if this was a made for tv movie or meant to be the pilot of a tv show, but it felt like it might.

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