Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Horror on Demand

The Spookiest Show On Earth!

I want to start by saying, damn, I wish I was going. But it's not in my personal budget.
And this little treat was found in my crypt, a friendly little production person at RHI Horror sent me this while I was on summer break....Kevin Sorbo stars in Something Beneath, a new film that revolves around a massive deadly creature that is living underground. It decides to invade a Clean Planet conference and kills off each of the people in attendance.

And if you are a fan of Micheal Madsen then you will want to tune into Croc. This one is about a small town with a killer croc and a few croc farmers who are battling it out for the top spot.
Both these films can be seen on demand for the next while.

Thou not vampire films, we need to help keep horror alive.

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