Tuesday, 7 August 2007


My friend Erin told me about this film a few months ago. Part Alice in Wonderland part Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (made by the same people) we are taken for a surreal ride through the eyes of a little girl after her parents die of drugs. She is left alone in her grandmother's rotting house in the middle of nowhere having to deal with the people who live next door.
She is 9 years old with only her doll heads for friends. That is until the neighbours manage to creep into her life. One of which is a mentally handicapped man in his twenties. His sister is a taxidermist and decides to stuff the girl's dead father and places him in the child's room.
This film touches on the morbid in more then one way, expressing madness through the mundane. We learn that the two families are connected in many ways, one being that the Taxidermist and the girl's father had been friends years before.
Now, I am listing this as a vampire film for the fact that it plays on manipulation. Everyone of the female characters (the girl, her mother, the taxidermist, and the grandmother) all used their sexuality to manipulate the men in the film. This is a disturbing film not just because of the nightmare scenes involving the rotting corpse of the child's father, but because of the love story between the 9 year old girl and the twenty something mentally handicapped male. The girl reminds me alot of the character Claudia from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles in the way that she is a woman trapped in a child's body (she is very aware of her charm and sexuality even at such a young age) and the comparison to an emotional vampire can be made. She goes from one adult to another through this entire film trying to get what she feels she is missing.

This is based on a book, which I have not read, and is a Canadian film.

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