Tuesday, 25 September 2007

BloodRayne 2

MMMM.....I hated the first one but rented this one anyways.
This time around Rayne is in the wild west tracking down Billy the Kid who is a vampire.
Not much to say about this one other then it is Canadian and has some of the top Canadian actors in it.
This movie is a straight up western that happens to have vampires in it. The vampires are infact down played alot. This second offering in the BloodRayne series has a very made for tv feel to it, can't say from the credits if that is the case or not, but it still out shined the first one.

The Blood Books Volume One/Blood Ties

As I mentioned Tanya Huff's books have been made into a Canadian TV series.
And the re-release of her books as a three volume set (I have only been able to find three anyways) to connect it all together.
I just finished reading the first volume which has both Books 1 and 2 -Blood Price and Blood Trail- which I can't say enough good things about.
Blood Price opens with a strange creature killing people in a very vampire like fashion because of one lonely crazed student. It is the introduction to the lead characters and the set up for the rest of the series.
Blood Trail switches gears and has the leading character thrown into a modern pack of Wers.

I just saw the first 2 episodes of the tv show as well. It blended the first book well into a tv format.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Well it's News to Me part 2

Blood Ties will be airing on Space the Imagination Station starting Sept. 14 at 9pm.
For those of us Canadians who do not have City TV.

The show is based on the books by Tanya Huff.