Saturday, 13 October 2007

The Thirst

Well, with one cast member of Blade the Television Series, and three from the Buffy/Angel campus, you would think this vampire movie could do no wrong.
It is a good idea, using the vampire as a way to look at addiction, but that isn't really a new idea. It seemed like it was missing too much story leaving alot of holes for the daylight to sneak into.
We have a couple who are recovering drug addicts. One is dying from Cancer, the other is just not paying attention to things. While in hospital the lead female is make into a vampire to save her. After mourning her death, her boyfriend sees her in a club and finds what really happens, only to be turned into a vampire too. Now they have to survive the night and keep their new family from killing a camp of kids.
If it wasn't for the sexual content of this movie being in every scene, it could have passed as an after school special.
For having so many crew from the Whedon casting department, this movie was a let down.

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