Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Skin Walkers

Alittle bit Forsaken a little bit Near Dark a little bit Ginger Snaps, this Canadian film brings a nice twist to the werewolf theme.
Set in the middle of a small town that is never really mentioned, it takes you into the surface level of two packs of werewolves.
One pack is hunting down a small boy who is said to change the course of their lives, the other pack is trying to hide him. In true western style, there is a showdown in an old warehouse.
I can't say that this is really a fresh take, there is one very predicable "twist" in the plot. I can say that I thought casting Kim Coats as one of the members of the "evil" pack was brilliant. It has been said that when doing a movie with a Canadian cast having Kim Coats as your bad guy is only fitting as he gives great fright. (he plays the older long grey haired werewolf in the motorcycle pack)
I hope there is a second one in the works that might dig alittle deeper into the story.

Saturday, 24 November 2007


Limited release in cinema few months ago, this Canadian zombie film is not what you would expect. Set in the 1950's it seems to pick up where Plan 9 From Outerspace left off. The Earth was sent into a war with the living dead which gets simply called "The Zombie War" .
A little suburb of somewhere that is never really mentioned, is the home of the latest attack of zombies. This town has employed the zombies as butlers, maids, mailmen etc some even keep them as pets.
Fido is a very tongue in cheek film made to look like a 1950's tv show.
This is a comedy, and a poorly written one at that.