Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Skin Walkers

Alittle bit Forsaken a little bit Near Dark a little bit Ginger Snaps, this Canadian film brings a nice twist to the werewolf theme.
Set in the middle of a small town that is never really mentioned, it takes you into the surface level of two packs of werewolves.
One pack is hunting down a small boy who is said to change the course of their lives, the other pack is trying to hide him. In true western style, there is a showdown in an old warehouse.
I can't say that this is really a fresh take, there is one very predicable "twist" in the plot. I can say that I thought casting Kim Coats as one of the members of the "evil" pack was brilliant. It has been said that when doing a movie with a Canadian cast having Kim Coats as your bad guy is only fitting as he gives great fright. (he plays the older long grey haired werewolf in the motorcycle pack)
I hope there is a second one in the works that might dig alittle deeper into the story.

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