Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Thirst 1979

This is a gem of a vampire film.
Released around the same time as Velvet Vampire and in the wave of occult style films Thirst gives us the first real notion that vampires are more then just bats in capes.
The main character is kidnapped by a group of vampires who claim she is the last of the Bathory bloodline and therefore she is set to marry one of there's. After fighting the idea they begin to drug her and force her through mindbending shock therapy until she cracks and gives in ...for awhile.
If you liked Suspiria then this is right up you alley. Thirst is one of many films from the exploitation era that uses feminism and Countess Bathory as a theme.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

After Sundown

Western setting for this lowbudget/zero budget gift from Lion's Gate.
A young wife in the 18 hundreds is about to give birth to a demon, but her minister father kills her, the baby and her vampire husband.
200 years later, a small town mayor decides to move the graveyard and unleashes the evil back onto the earth.
This film can't make up it's mind if it is a vampire film or a zombie film. You decide.