Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Stuff

Are you eating it or is it eating you?

Released in 1985 at the height of the yogurt movement, this film made you think about what you ate. It also hit hard against large corporations as well as starting the horror movie food genre (Motel Hell for example)

A group of miners (? it is never clear who they are actually ?) stumble across this white goo that just happens to be bubbling up from the ground. They taste it (cause that is always smart when you find an unknown substance) and find it to be delightful and decide to sell it. It turns out that the Stuff is alive and the more you eat the more mindless you become till it controls you.

This is one film that straddles the line between being a vampire film (it is a parasite) and a zombie film (brainwashes everyone) , but good (tastes great low in calories and doesn't leave spots) fun anyway.

Okay I die then


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Friday, 16 May 2008

Razor Blade Smile

Part Hammer Films Part Avengers, this is the James Bond of vampire films. In this 1998 British vampire film, the lead character Lilith Silver is a vampire for hire. The police want her for a string of murders on the Illuminati in London which have been masterminded by her former lover.
This movie is campy and actually has a fresh twist in the end.
Though I wasn't thrilled with the goth club undertone it was still better at times then some of the stuff I have seen recently. The overall quality of the film is low grade as it has alot of scenes that were shot night for day with heavy blue filters giving it a washed out look.

There's a Fish in the Percolator

I want to take a moment and talk about Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me.
There is no doubt that the characters of Mike and Bob are supernatural demons. The question is what kind of supernatural demons? This show and it's movie spin off, both deal with Doppelgangers, wood spirits, familiars, witchcraft, paganism, angels/demons, and aliens. It crossed so many lines in it's short lived timeframe, that some elements were crossed to the point of being too meshed.
Follow me?
As a fan of this mythology, I have still have unanswered questions as to certain references that are laced throughout the show and movie.
Was BOB infact a Psy-Vamp? or was he an Elemental? Did the corn reference refer to the Celtic/Druids corn gods/goddesses? Why was there so many fish references?

So why am I blogging about this and not giving a review? In my view of the mythology of Twin Peaks, I believe that BOB was infact a Psy-Vamp and therefore Twin Peaks belongs on the list of vampire movies/tv shows.
Ground breaking as it was, it left alot of unanswered elements.