Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Lost Boys the Tribe-Review

Picture it, I woke up this morning to pouring rain. Perfect day for a vampire movie. I got my ass over to the Blockbuster and got the first one off the shelf just as the store opened. Raced home and prepared myself for the vampire movie event of the year.
Being that the original Lost Boys was the film that set my world (I dressed like Starr for years complete with arm full of bracelets and still have the poster in my living room) and have been a fan of the Two Coreys; I was very hyper indeed.
I sit here now with mixed feelings. Part of which leads me to say there will be a 3rd installment. I will start by saying there was too much nudity in the first half and not enough blood in it. Even with the bonfire bloodbath it was short on vampiric qualities. There is a scene that refers to the Goonies (which would have been funnier if it referred to License to Drive or Dream a little Dream) and many one liners taken straight from the first film {Feldman's speech on implosion } but if you are looking for Haim don't go here. His work (that has been highly talked about on the Two Coreys ) was cut and only there for 30 seconds unless you head to the alt. endings. As well Jason Newlander even though he is credited does not appear.(again alt. endings and unrecognizable) What we do have is Feldman as the only real link in the film.
Angus Sutherland (credited on the official website as Keifer's half brother ) takes up the role as head of the Tribe. This was a nice idea as it makes you think of Keifer Sutherland throughout the film.
For me this movie lost something in translation and could never work as a stand alone piece. There are just too many holes in the plot of this film. The official site gives a "story so far" which connects the two new leads to Sam and Micheal from the first film but nothing is given in the actual movie. For those who loved the Lost Boys proper, a small cameo by Cappello as the saxophone player is a hoot, as well as the use of the antlers.
Rent it don't buy it unless like me you are a collector.

Monday, 28 July 2008


Released in time for tomorrow's movie, the soundtrack hit shelves this past week.
You can download it on iTunes if you don't feel like slomping down to the store. Or you can just not.
I was not impressed with this soundtrack at all. Other then an updated remake of the love theme Cry Little Sister ;the sequel's soundtrack is lacking the bite of it's sire's.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Lost Boys 2 Tribe .......

And the countdown begins.
A cult classic that is stirring up talk in the worlds of movie fandom, vampire fans, and fans of the Two Corey's.
Will this movie prove to be a blessing or a curse?
The DVD will be released at the end of the month here in Canada....21 days and counting.