Monday, 22 September 2008

Monday, 15 September 2008

Bite Me! The Unofficial Buffy

This is the 1o year anniversary addition of the book, considering there are so many books on the market connected to the Buffyverse; with an overview of all 7 tv seasons and the first half of the 8th season only in comic form, as well as bios, photos and inside script nibbles Bite Me! the Chosen Edition is one to add to your collection.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Sundown Vampire in Retreat-Special Edition

Oh My God!!!!
I can not contain myself, this news is the coolest thing I have heard in months.
Listed as one of the cheesiest but original vampire westerns around, Sundown Vampire in Retreat is finally getting the DVD it deserves.
Vampire fans and Bruce Campbell fans are sure to snatch this one up when it gets released on September 23rd for it's 20th Anniversary.

Lestat's Shop

I was on the Anne Rice website and there is a link for a store called Lestat's Dark Gift Shop
You know it has to be good if the site is promoted by Anne Rice herself.
I did check this site out and the tee shirts themselves are worth it.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Blade the Series

I know this has been out on DVD for most of the year, but I only got ahold of it.

The highly original action/drama that Spike Tv released in 2006 only produced one season but the 13 episodes are some of the best work in the Blade story.

Picking up after the end of the 3rd Blade movie, we find ourselves in Detroit and Blade has a new handyman.
The House of Chthon (er Chthong?) is the leader of the houses at the moment and the reason Blade is there. In walks a war vet who's brother was just killed by the head of the household and we have the love triangle. Blade hires Kristna to be his insider at the House while she secretly gets revenge for her brother's death.

Many rumours as to why this show only had one season, the main one being that Spike Tv just could not keep up the cash for the flash that this show was. It ran like mini movies through the 13 episodes.
The DVD has the uncut episodes packed with more swearing and nudity then the cable networks would allow, and only the pliot episode has a commentary. This was shot in Vancouver which flows well considering the 3rd Blade movie was shot in Montreal.