Thursday, 16 October 2008

End of the Line

A mindfield of terror or a comment on religion?

This Canadian film takes you into the idea that the end of the line might just be. Set on a subway, and the surrounding tunnels, it lets the dark feed your fear and feed off it.

The lead character (Vampire High) is a nurse who just getting off of work after finding out one of her patients has just committed suicide, is seeing things. As the train car is stopped suddenly, we find out she is surrounded by a religious cult who believe that the day of judgement has arrived and inorder to save everyone they must first kill them.

Not your typical vampire film, but then again I like to point out non-vamp-vamps. It falls under the title of psy-vamps for a reasons. 1) it is filled with manipulation to increase the desire of fear. An emotion that itself is life giving. 2) it is never completely sorted out if the characters really are seeing demons or if they are being drugged. It is kind of suggested both ways.

The one major plot hole in this film : if the cult members are killing everyone to save their souls from being taken over by the rising dead after the Judgement Day, wouldn't they just be creating more dead bodies to rise as zombies?

Monday, 13 October 2008

Night of the Living Dorks

Yes I know, you're thinking "is she really talking about a zombie film?" And the answer is yes I am.
Anyone who has been following me for the last decade knows I do not like zombie films. I think they are pointless. But I do like Revenge of the Nerds and that is just what Night of the Living Dorks is, a revenge of the nerds zombie film.

This 2006 German comedy (dubbed and subtitled) is frightfully groovy. 3 teens are witness to some class mates trying to preform a voodoo ritual to raise the dead. Some of the potion gets on their clothes, and then they end up in a car accident. Once the threesome realize what has happened to them there they have 4 days to get back to normal before they become zombies for good. They turn to the girl next door who just happens to be a witch for help. Throw in some drugs, teen aged sex jokes and old fashioned nerds and you have a funny film.

Watch it with both the subtitles and the dubbing on for an even funnier time.