Monday, 13 October 2008

Night of the Living Dorks

Yes I know, you're thinking "is she really talking about a zombie film?" And the answer is yes I am.
Anyone who has been following me for the last decade knows I do not like zombie films. I think they are pointless. But I do like Revenge of the Nerds and that is just what Night of the Living Dorks is, a revenge of the nerds zombie film.

This 2006 German comedy (dubbed and subtitled) is frightfully groovy. 3 teens are witness to some class mates trying to preform a voodoo ritual to raise the dead. Some of the potion gets on their clothes, and then they end up in a car accident. Once the threesome realize what has happened to them there they have 4 days to get back to normal before they become zombies for good. They turn to the girl next door who just happens to be a witch for help. Throw in some drugs, teen aged sex jokes and old fashioned nerds and you have a funny film.

Watch it with both the subtitles and the dubbing on for an even funnier time.

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