Thursday, 20 November 2008

Are you a Good Vamp or a Bad Vamp?

I never thought I would say this but, there are just some vamps out there that are simply too much.
Obviously I love love love the vampire and all the sidekicks it has produced, but when I go to the book store and I am seeing nothing but vampire pulppies then there's something wrong. You know the saying too much of a good thing. Well that is what we have now going on in the writing world.
About 20 years ago I was screaming at the top of my lungs about one or two titles that Harlequin Romance had released that happened to have a vampire in it. Now, there is not just a few series from them but entire walls at the store. Entire walls for vampire romances ? Yes b'y there is. What does this mean ? Well for one it means that writers of romantic fiction can't just have girl meets boy -girl gets hurt- boy realizes he loves her-they live happily ever after - anymore, now it means that girl falls for dark brooding goth dude-girl finds out he's a son of Dracula-girl conquirs the underwold for his love. As well as now there is a standard for supernatural writers too. No more with the Ghostbusters type stuff, now you are expected to be able to write your bloodsoaked villians with soap opera stamina. All the time.
You know me; I am the first to raise my deviled horned fist and say "Boo-Ya!" to a good vampire story, but when I can't figure out where the cookbooks are because everything blends together in the store, then I am giving you the Evil Eye instead.

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