Sunday, 23 November 2008

Twilight the movie

Okay, so I have not read the books, and I really had no interest in the series at all, but since everyone and their dog has been at me about it....I went this afternoon to see it.
First off let me say this; my own sister who works at Chapters Books here in town told me a few months back when we first heard it was to become a movie that it was nothing but teenaged junk. Now, only an hour after I went to see the film she told me "but you haven't read the books. How can you judge it?" and I find out she is very engrossed in the books now herself.
Second, I didn't hear much of the film; as the cinema was filled with giggling pre-teens who were making more sexual comments then I have heard from episodes of Sex and the City everytime the lead actor came on screen.
What I did hear of it, I thought was over acted, and the character of Bella was played as if the actress was on sedatives not too mention that Robert Pattinson who plays Edward lets his accent slip at one point.

Storyline: Bella has to move in with her father while her mom and step dad are traveling for work. She meets Edward who is the school puzzle, and instantly falls inlove. He treats her like crap for the first while, but then saves her life. Suddenly he's promising her a never ending love but a lot of the town's people wish they would break up; for many reasons. Meanwhile there are a rash of murders taking place by a rival clan and Edward's family is caught in the middle of it.

As a stand alone product, this film is confussing. For someone like myself who has not read the books walking into this movie you are not sure who the bad guys are; it is never fully stated if the rival clan are vampires or werewolves but both are hinted at in this movie, nor are you completely sure how much Bella's father is involved with things.
As a woman who has loved vampires since I could stare at a tv screen, I have become disapointed in the last few years with all the sugarcoated bloodletting out there. The pace of the movie was too slow and seemed like it would have worked better as a made for tv movie. The only thing I felt this movie had going for it was the actor who played James and that was mostly to do with the fact he looks like the wrestler Christian Cage.

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L.Cass said...

I'm gonna be watching a late night show for this tonight. Lets see how it goes. My GF loves vampires. I'm more of a zombie guy my self.