Friday, 9 January 2009

Elemental my good man

Polidori, Stoker, Rice, Meyers.
These authors have all redefined the elements in their vampiric worlds that have helped to redefine the subcultures that surround them.

33 years ago, we were introduced to the Brat Prince who broke all the rules when Anne Rice handed us Interview with the Vampire (1976). Introducing the idea of the Talamasca which blurred the lines between human and supernatural when she mixed her vampires (the Vampire Chronicles) with her witches (The Mayfair Witches) giving the readers popular new terms, ideas, designs and motives. Having vampires no longer living in a solitary limelight but open covens created a fledgling world everyone could sink their teeth into.

If Dracula was the King of the Vampires, then Lestat was the proper heir to the thrown.

Now, in under 4 years Stephenie Meyers has taken it down a notch and offered us her pillowy soft version with Twilight. Dazzling the dewy eyes of millions with her sparkling Cullen Clan. Edward Cullen the vampiric version of a Jane Austen hero, is another type of rule breaker. But it is Meyer's offering of the Volutri (the high council of vampires rulers) that has sparked new elements in the vampire subculture.

Where Lestat is the ultimate bad boy, Edward Cullen is just a babe in the woods.