Sunday, 22 March 2009

In Support of BD News covering Twilight

I was over on Bloody Disgusting .com just a few minutes ago, reading one of the latest news feeds.
The article was written by one of the head staff members. Mr. Disgusting.
His articles are always well written and up to date.

The topic was the upcoming Twilight movies. In this case, Eclipse, which will be the third film in the series. All fine and good. As always a straight to the point article.
The issue I am having is not the article, but one man who kept spamming the article.
We already know that this franchise is not for everyone. It is geared to teenaged girls, and a few select vampire/werewolf fans. I myself have had mixed feelings about this series.

-No I do not like the way the books and movie portrayed the lead character as a stalking boyfriend.
-Yes I do like the fact they made a series of stories and a film about teenaged desire without having alot of overly sex crazed segments.
-Yes I do like the fact the author researched vampire and werewolf folklore and used it as a main theme throughout the books, and did not rely just on hollywood's take on the genres.
-Yes I do hope this makes people want to read more in general as well as pick up the classics like Frankenstein, Dracula, Carmilla, etc.

As reporters/journalists you don't always get to pick and choose your stories. When you are in the industry that Bloody is part of, you have to go with the flow at times. And right now Twilight is the flow. Like it or not. Teenaged melodrama that it is, it is still a vampire/werewolf genre piece. The company who made this film and it's upcoming sequels are a key player in the horror/thriller/sci-fi genre.

The guy who was spamming the news article, if you don't like what BD is reporting then just stop reading their site. Don't be an asshole and spam them. The staff are just doing their job, and doing it damn well too.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Actors of Ken Russell's Gothic

I have to admit, this started out as a post on Natasha Richardson, (1963-2009) but I have not seen enough of her films to do it justice.

I however loved her as Mary Shelley in Gothic. Which was infact her first film.

This film has been the major launch pad for most of it's actors, many of them have continued on in the Horror/Thriller/Sci-fi genres. The main cast runs like this:

Natasha Richardson .....Mary Shelley
Gabriel Byrne......Lord Byron
Julian Sands.........Percy Shelley
Timothy Spall......Dr. Polidori
Myriam Cyr.........Claire Clairmont

Myriam Cyr who played the character of Mary Shelley's sister, went on to be in a few other Frankenstein productions, but is more known for her small role in I Shot Andy Warhol as one of the members of Andy's Factory. (Her sister Isabelle Cyr has played a vampire in the two Karmina films as well as on the tv show the Hunger)

Timothy Spall most recently can be seen in the Harry Potter films. His role of the inspector in Immortality the Wisdome of Crocodiles oppisite Jude Law earned him international reviews. But for fans of the Frankenstein story, he can be seen in the opening of The Bride as the Igor character.

Julian Sands is most famous for his two times as Warlock. The actor has played every type of classic horror creature from a witch, to a vampire to a werewolf. (Witch Hunt, Tale of the Vampire, Werewolf Hunter: The Legend of Romasanta) Two of his creepiest characters I feel were his roles in Naked Lunch and the television series Blood Ties.

Gabriel Byrne played first the priest in Stigmata and then the devil in End of Days both released in 1999. Two roles that set him as a horror star.

Natasha Richardson made a few appearences on Tales from the Crypt. The few films I have seen her in were drama/comedy roles. Chelsea Walls, Made in Manhattan, and Evening.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Twilight DVD

The countdown is on.

We knew it would happen, some of us are happy some of us are not. Either way, the movie will be out this Saturday on DVD, and already pre-sales have broken some records.

And the series of sequels have begun production. All three (New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) are being shot back to back.

New Moon is set to be released Nov 20th 2009