Saturday, 2 May 2009

Against the Dark

Who let Steven Seagal make a vampire movie? Who's to blame?
Oh wait it's a Steven Seagal produced (well presents anyway) film. Hmmm. Seems it's us fans that are to blame.

Well then let me tell you why this film sucked (all puns intended )

  • Steven Seagal walks around not doing anything for 90% of the film
  • It rips off the recent wave of zombie films
  • Everyone thinks they are actually in a Blade movie
Can you tell I wasn't happy with this one?
Seriously, it's like someone took the leftover plot of 28 Days added the swords and jackets from Blade and a bunch of cut aways from Blade the series mushed them all together in a blender poured it into a Bloodymary glass and sprinkled it with Steven Seagal doing his best William Shattner impression and called it art. Or at lest they called it a direct to DVD vampire film.

Seagal has maybe 5 lines in the film, doesn't do any of the action (how can he with that pregnant belly look he's sporting) and makes the vampire genre look foolish.

The only thing it got right was the conection between vampires and zombies.

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