Friday, 8 May 2009

Blood Slave of the Vampire Wolf

This is a Conrad Brooks film starring Conrad Brooks. You know the dude from the original Plan 9 From Yeah he .... um just a second....The Patrolman Jamie. Yeah that's it. And guess what? He's in the remake due out Sept. 9 2009 (as of this posting) um...Lt. Harper. Yeah.

Blood Slave of the Vampire Wolf was a 1996 production that was very much in the style of Ed D Wood Jr.
Infact, when I saw the opening credit which was a dedication to him (hey now where have I seen that before? or right we do it all the time) I thought this was going to be a good laugh film. Boy was I wrong.
The plot didn't really exist. The lighting was over exposed most of the time and the sound kept crapping out. Mid way through I started to wonder if that was the idea.

Plot: Female movie star of the 1920's is killing the homeless and hookers in L.A. for their blood. And one member of Scotland Yard who just happens to be in the city is on the case.

It's never fully explained what the subplot is. It has a running time of 90mins, but doesn't even start to get moving until the last 20mins.

If you want to see a piece of iconic vampire history in the form of collectibles they use as props then surf your late night horror fests for it, otherwise this one isn't worth the salt you sprinkle on zombies.

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