Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Underworld 3 Rise of the Lycans

This is by far the best in the series.

Actress Rhona Mitra takes the lead in this offering as Sonja (originally played by Jazmin Dammak in the first film) This is Mitra's second werewolf film (that I am aware of) she was in Skinwalkers.

This time around we are treated to Lucian's back story (once again played by Michael Sheen) on how he became the leader of the pack.

Plot: Lucian is born in human form to a werewolf, and is spared by Viktor. This becomes Viktor's downfall as he decides to keep Lucian around as a slave. Little does he know that Lucian has fallen inlove with his daughter Sonja.

Half the main cast has returned for this pre-queal and third in the series. Bill Nighy gives one hell of a performance as the selfcentered Viktor in this one, and given he's played the character in all three films he's control of the role is unmistakable.
Taking place in the middle ages, Rise of the Lycans is a little more dramatic and alittle less in your face. The story is strong, and the actors are so comfortable in their roles you forget your watching a movie.

(I hope we see a fourth soon, and would be interested in seeing some of Kraven's backstory.)

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