Thursday, 17 September 2009

Vampire Challenge 2009

As I stated earlier, I was very inspired by Stephanie over on Stephanie's Written Word and her Everything Austen Challenge where she has challenged Jane Austen fans all over the internet to spend 6 months (July 1st 2009 to January 1st 2010) doing one thing a month related to Jane Austen.
Some people watched versions of movie adaptions they never seen before, some people read copies of Jane Austen's novels they had never read before, some people made arts and crafts related to the novels or time period etc. The personal lists for the challenge varied with each blogger.
One of my Challenges was reading Mr. Darcy Vampyre.
This inspired me to want to do an Everything Vampire Challenge.

So, the rules are fairly simple,

1) You sign up here by leaving a comment that gives your Name, Blog Title and Link, And your 6 challenges.

2) Each time you finish a challenge from your list you blog about it and leave a comment with your Name, Blog Title and Link to your blog post

The goal is to introduce books/movies/television shows to each other that we might not have known about before, and to have fun.

The challenge will run from November 1 2009 until May 1 2010.

Make sure your first link is to your Vampire Challenge intro post.

Official sign up ends October 31 2009.


Salamandergrey said...

My challenges listed on my blog post

I have 6 items plus an extra list.

Kimberly Hulst

35 Martinis and a Leopord Bag

ladystorm said...

Okay, I am up for a challenge and this sounds fun so here I go.

1)Read Book books one and two of the Vampire Diaries (heard a lot of about them and I am curious)

2)Read Mr. Darcy, Vampyre mostly because I am curious to see what they did to my favorite Austen characters.

3)Try and find True Blood on the net and see what I think about it.

4)Rewatch the old Dracula with Bela Legosi, its been so long ago.

5)Find a vampire movie that I have never heard of and watch.

6)Go and watch New Moon (though the book was boring the movie might be hope)

My blog is called Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my and you can get to it by

Have a great day,

Hope I got everything I was suppose to post! :)

Barbara said...

Now I'm totally up for this challenge since I love vampires.

1. Read Mr. Darcy, Vampyre which I just put on hold at the library.

2. Read the latest Vampire Academy book by Richelle Mead. The name is escaping me right now but I do have it.

3. I'm watching The Vampire Diaries so I guess that would count too. I love the books and I'm really enjoying the show.

4. I'm with ladystorm since I think I'll check out a vampire movie I've never seen before.

5. The Awakening by LL Foster

6. Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton (And this was just random chance that her name is the same as mine.)

ardeth blood said...

Lovely lovely lovely. This is going to be fun. I can't wait to see what everyone's got up their sleeve for this.

ardeth blood said...

I added a Mr. Linky to the post. As to make it easier to sign up and follow.

GingerRoot said...

Let me know when you are going to do a werewolf challenge HA-HA!

GingerRoot said...

Signed up.

ParaJunkee said...

Hey, this one might be second nature since I have a bit of a fang obsession.

Here is my challenges:

1) Find a new vampire series - and finish it. I am open for suggestions.

2) Reread New Moon and see the film

3) Read my Vampires non-fiction book and learn new "real" legends about the undead

4) Find Moonlight and watch the series (hopefully netflix has it)

5) Finish my short story on vamps and post it on the blog, no matter how scared...

6) Start a vampire celebration on the Eve of St. George's day (April 22nd) - to end this challenge.

~Jennifer~ said...

Reading with Tequila

1. Catch up with the Undead series

2. Begin the Southern Vampire series

3. Finish the Twilight series

4. Read the Vampire Chronicles novels than I missed

5. Read a random vampire novel found on Shelfari

6. Watch a random vampire movie found on IMDB

wwegirl said...

this looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see how it goes. :)

Salamandergrey said...

Kicking off the challenge here is my first post

GingerRoot said...

And here I thought I was going to be the first one.

GingerRoot said...

sorry screwed up the last link this should be right now

wwegirl said...

I put my first one up so take a peak

Salamandergrey said...

okay 2nd challenge

Menda said...

OK, I'm taking the challenge, but
with a small twist.
I will:
1) Write a poem/short story with a vampire theme every month

2)Review movies.
So far I plan on reviewing:
- Blacula (1972)
- Scream, Blacula Scream! (1973)
- Let the Right One In

My blog link is:

Menda said...

To see the first part of my "pory" poem/short story, Dancing Near the Fire (Part 1 + 2) go to this link:

Salamandergrey said...

Challenge #3

Menda said...

My Latest Activity for the Vampire Challenge: Posted "Dancing Near the Fire": Part 2

wwegirl said...

i posted my next part can't keep up ahhhhhh

wwegirl said...

my poem is up

GingerRoot said...

My next challenge.

wwegirl said...

I put up some of my twilight information on the challenge

~Jennifer~ said...

I finished #2 on my list: Begin the Southern Vampire Series

I also finished #6 on my list: Watch a random vampire movie - 30 Days of Night which was amazing

Salamandergrey said...

Okay here's my next challenge.

GingerRoot said...

#3 on my Challenge

ardeth blood said...

Sorry to anyone who has this post on email for comments.
We got spammed.

~Jennifer~ said...

I completed the challenge!