Friday, 16 October 2009

Kiss of the Vampire:Immortally Yours (2009)

The cover art looks slick, the description sounds cool, and it has Phil Fondacaro (Bordello of Blood, Medridian, Ghoulies 2) so it can't go wrong -right?

Plot: A local band of vampires are tearing up the city and fighting between themselves. They are discovered by the police during a drug bust and brought to the attention of the Illuminati. The Illuminati are no longer happy running the mob and want true immortality. After they kidnap the head vampire it comes down to who is quicker and smarter.

This is a cop drama cut and dry. It looks and feels like an episode of Forever Knight with a storyline ripped right out of season 2.

The whole time I was thinking this has to be a made for tv CBC film(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) . But to my shock it's a full out indie film, and it's American!

The plot was good, but it has been done before in the movie Red Blooded American Girl back in 1988/89. (which was a Canadian film)

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