Monday, 30 November 2009

Blood the Last Vampire Live Action 2009

I have got you wondering (for those like me) why I put "live action" in the review title and not just the movie's title right? Well, for those people like me who are not anime fans, I needed to make the distinction.

Yes folks, Blood the Last Vampire was originally an anime film. And since I am not an anime fan, I have nothing to compare this remake to. Kung Fu movies are not my thing either, so I was very surprised at the fact I actually liked this one.

Plot: Saya is a dampir, half human half demon. She made a pack hundreds of years ago to avenge her father's killer, the oldest demon still alive. She now finds herself in 1970 on a Military base in Toyko where a new round of demons have taken to nesting. Can she stop them all before the demon takes over or will she loose the last part of her own humanity?

It had a very rich sense of something that could be found in Blade or Buffy, but still managed to keep itself original. Which, I know in this genre is almost impossible to do. With solid dialog, a nicely explained back story done in flashbacks, and special effects that were limited, you sped right along with this one.
Because it does pull from folklore, the vampires were captivating to watch with a slightly new spin on a very old genre.

It's been vampire movie month for me (Vampire's Assistant, New Moon, Thirst 2009, Blood Last Vampire) so by the time I got around to viewing this, I was alittle on the tired side, but it turned out to be a better fair then I was expecting. Was not too sure how an anime would translate into live action, as I have never been able to sit through an anime film before. I can see a sequel coming of this with a steady following.

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