Monday, 16 November 2009

Some other versions of Frankenstien

I did a countdown to Hallowe'en on the woman's site I am part of, with a different movie a day for the last two weeks of the month of October.
Here are some of the Frankenstein movies I talked about.

The Bride
Plot: Dr. Frankenstein has decided to create a woman. His creature, in this movie named Vicktor, gets upset when the Doctor keeps her for himself and leaves the castle. Vicktor finds himself in the middle of a circus while connected emotionally to the new Bride who is alive back at the castle. He is compelled to return to her for fear of her safety. She on the other hand has no idea he even exists.

This was a breakout roll for Jennifer Beals and made Sting more then just the lead singer of a band. Clancy Brown (from the first Highlander movie) played one of the most human versions of the Frankenstein monster. Due note this film was also the launching for Cary Elwes and Timothy Spall (credited as Tim Spall and only has two scenes at the beginning)

Boxing Helena
Plot: a successful doctor starts to stalk the woman he had a one night stand with. After she is in a horrible accident, she is left at his mercy. With no where else to go, she moves in with him where he starts to turn her into a living doll.

This was one of the creepiest films I have ever seen. A fresh take on the Frankenstein theme, with cast members from Twin Peaks, and was the directing debut of David Lynch's daughter.

Frankenstein Reborn

Plot: Dr. Victor Frank is a Neurosurgeon who is obsessed with the idea of reanimation. His most successful patient, Bryce, had been wheelchair bound after a motorcycle accident, and with the doctor's help made a full recovery. Only now Bryce is having nightmares about killing the hospital staff. After confronting the doctor,Bryce winds up dead. Dr. Frank then uses the body to continue his work and the nightmares Bryce had been having suddenly come to reality.

This effort was put out by The Asylum who are quickly becoming a name in the horror genre. This is from 2005, so it is an earlier offering from the company.
The sets are minimal, the acting at times stiff, but the effects make up for it in an all too real way.
This adaption of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein manages to encompass all the elements from her original book in a modern setting and still keep it's core plot.

People tend to forget that Frankenstein is more then just a monster story, it is a vampire story.
Over the next while, I will get into more depth on the topic so stay tuned.

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