Monday, 2 November 2009

The Vampire's Assistant -Movie review

Plot: The Cirque Du Freak has come to a small town and two best friends Darren and Steve sneak out to go see it. Darren is crazy about spiders and Steve is crazy about vampires. It just so happens the final act is a combo of the two. Darren decides to sneak backstage and steal the spider while Steve begs the vampire to make him one. He's refused. The next day at school the stolen spider gets loose and bits Steve. Darren then trades his life for his friend's and becomes a half vamp. Steve then joins forces with an even deadlier vampire to start a vampire war.

This is based on the series of young adult books called Cirque Du Freak the tales of Darren Shan. And the movie is the first 3 books combined. There are over 20 books in the series, so I am very much looking forward to the idea of sequels.

William Dafoe has a small part in this as Gavner which plays out more like a Vincent Price impression. Brilliant.

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