Monday, 15 February 2010

Vampire Diary -Movie review

Plot: Holly is a documentary film maker, working on her latest project the Weekend Vampires of the London clubs. While taping a group of goths in a club one night, she discovers that someone is following and video taping her. Vicki follows Holly home and seduces her, before long the Weekend Vampires are turning up dead and Vicki is the main suspect. Not only does she claim to be a real vampire she's also pregnant.

The style of this 2007 British movie is very much like an episode of Urban Gothic, in fact Keith Lee Castle (who has a very brief role in this film as a goth dj )did an episode of the British horror show with the same loose plot line. The documentary of a real vampire.
There were more then a few traces of Immortality Wisdom of Crocodiles (must find a human to love them completely) and Vampire Clan (the 2002 movie based on real life criminal Rod Farrell) as well as Carmilla, making it feel over used and old.

I was disappointed by this film. Had it been a straight up telling of Carmilla it might been easier to digest.
You are however left wondering how much of what Vicki tells Holly is true and how much of it is for the sake of the documentary she's suppose to be making. There are a few plot holes that never get sorted out (like how come she has all her teeth if she was born with fangs and had them forcefully removed? ) as it switches gears from a thriller to a drama.


Anonymous said...

I loved this film!

Wendy Goth

Jed Jancer said...

Yeah this film rocks! Best vampire film I've seen in a long while.